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 Clothes recommendation service, social network and more. Buy clothes on the Internet without returning them due to the wrong size. Find stores online or offline
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Funbeat – utils

Several small functions that will fix some of the problems with Funbeat. Download script
The report excercise function limits the number of displayed training types to 25. This script adds a new dropdown with all training types. The dropdown is
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Funbeat – check all unread

Adds links to the page with unread discussions that will allow you to toggle all the checkboxes. Download script
Fix the layout for the consultant time reporting by removing all zeros and adding colors for Saturdays, Sundays, selected date and today. Download script
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Account Admin – Webmin module

Webmin module which adds quick links, info and functions to server account owners. Download
Web hosting service. Link to
This perl script will search for all files that are larger than 20 MB and send a report to the email address you configure. Link
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