Currency Converter

A simple currency converter that is using the daily updated currency rates from ECB.

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Change Log

Version Date Description
1.0 2013-08-08 Added a new downloader and parser for fetching exchange rates from Open Exchange Rates. Those rates are not used in the converter.
1.0 2012-09-14 The rates downloader will now create a static file with the JSON object.
1.0 2012-09-13 Added a function to create a JSON object with the current rates.
1.0 2012-09-09 First release.

Technology and design

Web page written in PHP that downloads an xml feed from ECB. The xml feed is then parsed with SimpleXML and XPath to get the requested rates.

There is also a second downloader that uses Unirest to download the exchange rates from Open Exchange Rates through an API at mashape. Those rates are not for public use due to the cost to access the API.

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