Google Play Price Calculator

Calculate prices for Android apps on Google Play.

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Enter the price in SEK excl. tax, press “Auto Fill” button and the price in each country’s currency is calculated incl. tax.┬áThe price is then converted once again back to SEK so that the developer can see how much the app will cost for the end customer in each country in SEK.

Change Log
Version Date Description
1.2 2017-12-29 Using new currency rates service.
Fixed calculations.
Upgraded libraries.
Added new countries.
1.1.8 2015-12-02 Added new countries.
1.1.7 2015-02-16 Updated VAT and countries.
1.1.6 2014-02-06 Added 25 new currencies.
1.1.5 2013-08-08 Added HUF and TWD as new currencies.
1.1.4 2012-12-13 Added BRL as new currency.
1.1.3 2012-10-18 Added INR and RUB as new currencies.
1.1.2 2012-09-13 Enhanced speed of conversion by doing all conversions in the client.
1.1.1 2012-09-08 Switched to Yahoo’s API for currency conversion since Google didn’t liked that I used their service.
1.1 2012-09-08 Added function to use a target price and calculate the correct amounts directly
1.0 2012-09-06 First release
Technology and design

Web page written in PHP and jQuery and uses Next Source Currency Converter (with currencylayer json feed) to convert prices.┬áPreviously used Yahoo Finance API but it was very slow and before that Google’s Currency Converter but they stopped my requests with a captcha.