Google Play Payout Calculator

Calculate monthly payouts for Android apps on Google Play.

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Note! This spreadsheet is created for developers in Sweden with 25% VAT added for all countries in EU.

Copy an earnings report from the Developer Console and paste it into the tab named “earnings”.
The tab “results” will display the financial transaction needed for a double-entry bookkeeping system.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1.0 2015-08-26 Added settings tab to be able to set account for EU sales.
1.0 2015-05-13 Separated EU sales from total sales.
1.0 2015-02-26 Updated spreadsheet to comply to new tax regulations for 2015
1.0 2014-05-02 Updated accounts to BAS 2014. Separated SE sales from EU sales. Bug fixes.
1.0 2013-08-19 Handle refunds.
1.0 2013-08-02 New spreadsheet with Google Wallet.
1.0 2013-05-08 Added support for refunds.
1.0 2013-01-08 Handle VAT for inside and outside EU.
1.0 2012-11-08 First release.

Technology and design

Google Spreadsheet that will do a two step calculation of the financial records.

Google Spreadsheet